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Upgrade Cable Television to meet Digital Terrestrial Television

Contribution to smooth Introduction and Implementation of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
For the full migration to digital terrestrial broadcasting in 2011, JCTEA is contributing to smooth introduction and implementation of digital terrestrial broadcasting in cooperation with related organizations.

Specifically, JCTEA conducts consultations on repair method and cost estimation to update communal reception facilities of multi-family housing into digital terrestrial television, which is estimated to reach into 500,000 facilities (used by 13 million households) in Japan, as well as communal reception facilities located in urban areas to relieve from poor radio reception interrupted by high rise buildings, which is estimated 50,000 facilities, and the facilities located in remote areas far from the transmitting stations.

JCTEA conducted survey of communal reception facility of condominiums and apartments in urban area, and also communal reception facility compensated for the residents who suffer interference from the high rise building nearby. The surveys show that some facilities need massive reform to receive UHF digital television signal. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication provides financial subsidiary for upgrading and repairing such communal reception facilities from 2009 to meet the demand.

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Consultations and Surveys on TV Reception Disturbance caused by Buildings

Television radio is degraded caused by interruption and reflections of high rise buildings nearby. JCTEA offers estimation of the degradation and consultation on how to solve both the analog and the digital television reception disturbance caused by buildings.

Upon the request by building owners, JCTEA assess potential TV reception disturbance caused by buildings. Grade 1 Cable Television Broadcast Engineer performs the assessment in line with the NHK assessment guidance. JCTEA assessments are trusted and referred by many organizations including local municipalities.

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Digital Cable Television