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Cable Television, CATV, not only takes an important role in realizing comfortable society and affluent life by continuously delivering viewers the latest world news and daily information, but also aims to be the core medium in the broadband service arena.
Japan Cable Television Engineering Association (JCTEA) supports the rapid progress of the CATV industry on the hardware side.

Founded in July 1975 with the approval of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (reorganized as Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication in 2000), JCTEA currently comprises about 600 member corporations engaged in designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of CATV facilities.

JCTEA had been working on enhancing and facilitating the implementation and introduction of digital terrestrial television broadcasting especially for communal reception facilities of multi-story housing but also for communal reception facilities in urban areas and remote places with poor reception till year 2013.

Currently, JCTEA works for the development of CATV in the era of Ultra High Definition TV(4K/8K), smart TV, IP video.


Japan Cable Television Engineering Association

6-28-8 Shinjuku, Shinjukuku Tokyo 1600022
Tel +813 5273 4671 Fax +813 5273 4675

President: Shunichi NAKAMURA

Objectives and Business

JCTEA targets to contribute to a smooth and sound development of an advanced information society through the improvement and diffusion of the CATV technology and the realization of the good TV reception environment.


  • Conducting technical studies and developing on CATV facility.
  • Establishing technical standards for CATV facility.
  • Conducting research and technical consultation on the reception of TV signal for introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasting.
  • Conducting technical studies on TV reception disturbance caused by buildings.
  • Sponsoring training and certification of "Cable TV Broadcast Engineers".
  • Hosting workshops and lectures on CATV technology.
  • Providing guidance for application procedures for installation of CATV facilities.
  • Publication of magazines and reference books on CATV facilities.

Latest News

Cable Tech Show 2023

JCTEA is the organizer of Cable Tech Show 2023.
The Cable Technology Show is one of the largest BtoB and BtoG exhibitions in Japan that introduces the latest technologies, solutions and services that technically back up the cable TV industry and contribute to the development of the industry.
Cable Tech Show 2023 is the associated event of Cable Convention 2023 consisting of industry conferences and seminars that bring together many cable stakeholders to discuss further developments in the cable industry and strategies and visions for facing fierce competition with telecommunications.

Official Site of Cable Tech 2023

Online Show 2023

  • Dates June 28 2023 - August 31 2023

Cable Tech Show 2023 Secretariat
e-mail : sec@catv-f.com



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